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We take pride in providing the highest-quality customer service. From ordering checks, to our MoneyPass ATM Network, or reporting lost or stolen cards, we’re here to help you.

Order Checks

Ordering checks for yourself or your business is easy and convenient. Simply follow the links below!

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Business Checks  Personal Checks

Elan Card Member Services

If you have a credit card through Sentry Bank, login here to access your account online.

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Account Login


Protect your identity and assets. The Federal Trade Commission is a perfect resource to learn everything you need to know about scams and fraud.

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Federal Trade Commission


Traveling outside of Minnesota? Please contact a Sentry Bank representative with your travel plans to assure that your ATM/Debit card transactions will not be denied while away from home.

Call 320-363-7721 and have the following information available:

  • Date you are leaving
  • Destination(s)
  • Date you are returning

Safe travels. Enjoy!

Switching to Sentry Bank is Easy

Switching banks can be hard, but at Sentry Bank, we make it easy. Our Sentry Bank Account Switch Kit will ensure a smooth transition, as well as helping you make sure that you don’t forget anything.

Step 1: Open your new Sentry Bank account.

Step 2: Discontinue using your old account.

Step 3: Switch your automatic deposits and payments.

Step 4: Close your old account.

Step 5: Relax and enjoy your Sentry Bank experience.


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Because of the risk that information transmitted via internet email could fall into the wrong hands, Sentry Bank strongly suggests that confidential information such as account number, social security numbers etc. not be included in the content of your email. Instead please call a Sentry Bank representative at 320-363-7721 or visit one of our locations if confidential information is necessary to complete your inquiry.

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