Treasury Management

Explore Efficient Financial Management Solutions

Discover streamlined cash flow management and risk mitigation with our Treasury Management services. Tailored to your business needs, our solutions empower you to optimize operations and navigate financial complexities with ease.

Deposit from Anywhere with Remote Deposit

With remote deposit, you can deposit all your checks right from your desk, without ever leaving your office or needing to visit a bank.

You are able to scan your deposits directly to your account through your online banking portal. With its surprisingly low fees and user-friendly operation, it just might be the convenient, time-rescuing solution you’ve been looking for. ($50.00 per month if balance falls below $10,000.00 at one time during the month.) Find out how we can set you up with this time and money saving technology!

Multiple User/Different Permissions

Different abilities can be granted to different users.

Example: Account signers can be set up to do all of the above items while an accountant can be set up to view accounts or statements only.

Sweep Account

This service allows you to transfer funds between your operating account and another account with Sentry Bank. When the balance falls below an agreed upon amount, funds will be automatically transferred from the second account to the operating account.

Insured Cash Sweep

Sentry Bank works with Intrafi to allow customers the ability to maintain FDIC coverage while keeping your main relationship with Sentry Bank.