3 Great Reasons To Switch To A Local Bank

Local banks are known for providing you with competitive rates and lower fees, as well as treating you as an individual rather than just another number. Sentry Bank has been the go-to community bank for Central Minnesota for more than 110 years!

If you’ve been paying too much in fees at your big bank, or are just burned out from poor customer service, check out these signs that it’s time for you to switch to Sentry Bank. Get in touch today to learn how to switch, or check out our switch kit!

Sentry Bank Switch Kit

1. Lower Fees, Better Rates

Generally, local banks have been shown to have lower fees and better rates than big banks! And in several national surveys, many people say the thing they like least about big banks is their poor interest rates and high fees.

When you’re trying to improve your nest egg and provide a better life for your family, come to Sentry Bank! For your personal banking, our Cent’sational Checking account is a great choice, with no minimum balance, no monthly or annual fees as well as a free debit card.

2. Better, More Personal Service

With a local bank like Sentry Bank, we’re always concentrated on great customer service. We have just four concentrated branches within the greater St. Cloud area, allowing us to focus directly on serving the needs of our local community.

At big banks, you may find different faces at the teller window or in the lending office every time you visit as they tend to have higher turnover. At a community bank, you’ll often work with the same people every time you come in for years at a time, allowing you to build and maintain a personal relationship.

Additionally, local banks like Sentry Bank are locally owned and operated, which means the ownership and management live in the same community as you!

3. Support Your Local Economy

Small and mid-sized banks account for more than half of all small business lending! Big banks, meanwhile, allocate relatively little of their resources to small businesses. By keeping your money in a local bank like Sentry Bank, small businesses are able to get the capital they need to continue to grow and create a vibrant community!

When you’re ready to switch to a local bank, contact the friendly staff at Sentry Bank or start by downloading our helpful Switch Kit if you’re coming from another bank!