How To Keep Your Debit Card Information Safe

A debit card is a great way to access cash fast or purchase something without writing a check. But it’s also a quick way for a thief to enter and drain your checking account. With some tips and a bit of awareness, you can help prevent most types of fraud from occurring on your account.

Watch Your Statements

It’s always a good idea to keep a close eye on your bank statements. And when it comes to debit card fraud, time is of the essence. It’s important to notice and alert us of fraudulent charges as soon as possible so we can help close down the account, preventing any more money from being lost.

Make it a habit to review your bank account online once per week, or even daily if you have many transactions.

Protect Your PIN

Your PIN is private, and shouldn’t be shared with anyone. Don’t keep it written down anywhere, especially in your purse or wallet; if your purse or wallet is stolen, the PIN and card are probably together, making it easier for a thief to use.

Also, don’t use your PIN at a gas pump, use a credit card to protect from people who might try to view your number. Gas pump keypads tend to be less protected than others.

Avoid Public Wifi For Financial Transactions

Whether you’re at the local coffee shop enjoying a white chocolate mocha or spending some time at the library, avoid using public wifi for financial transactions. The safest place to do your finances is at home, where additional protection encrypts your data. While Sentry Bank provides encryption between your device and our website and app, working from public wifi affords you less protection than your home, password-protected router.

Report Issues Immediately

If your wallet was stolen, you’d report it to the police right away. The same should apply to your debit card. If an unauthorized transaction is found on your account, or your debit card is stolen, you should call the following services.