4 Safety Tips For Using ATMs

Using an ATM is an everyday occurrence for some people. For others, it can be once or twice a year. It’s always best to use an ATM at a place you trust, such as your bank, and preferably during daylight hours. But that’s not always an option, so follow these four safety tips for using ATMs.

1. Be Alert

When approaching the ATM, look around. If you see anyone or anything suspicious, cancel your transaction or leave immediately. If someone follows you, go to a well-lit, populated area and call the police.

When using an ATM, be sure to shield the keyboard, then the screen with one hand so anyone nearby can’t see your PIN or transaction amount.

2. Don’t Keep Your Cash Out Long

Once you’ve withdrawn cash, put the cash, card and receipt away quickly. Go back to your vehicle (or into the store) where you can count your money privately and safely. Keep your receipt though, in case the money was disbursed wrong.

3. Lock Your Vehicle

If you’ll be using a drive-up ATM, make sure all passenger car doors are locked and the windows are up.

Similarly, if you’re getting out of your vehicle to use an ATM, lock your doors and turn off your engine so the vehicle can’t be stolen or used to get away.

4. Use ATMs In Well Lit & Populated Areas

If an ATM is obstructed from the view of a public space, or is poorly lit, don’t use that ATM. As well, some ATMs are not available 24 hours a day, so don’t automatically panic if you walk up to an ATM and it isn’t active.